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Darknet Avengers

Note: The Hub ForumsCross-market discussion forums and news centerExists since Silk Road 1 –  Back after being down for a long time, restored from old backup.

Note: The Hub announced that they will only use v3 onion links from now on.

Forum Url: thehub7xbw4dc5r2.onion

New v3 Onion Addresses By TheHub

  1. thehub5himseelprs44xzgfrb4obgujkqwy5tzbsh5yttebqhaau23yd.onion
  2. thehubdpfbw54ujdgwdhvgsaicvtc5jz4ncthfcbriny2dzsimlifoqd.onion
  3. thehube5dbng3dwww4fhbiihruloenvh66536cot3wrpc4hvhm2bdayd.onion
  4. thehubeebh6z6pqdy4wmxdd6d45gmchjm3xe5sdppadna7m3qtmksmid.onion
  5. thehuboy27kracz6sdql2r7c324vrs5aok2e33gorrikccaqhvzfcvad.onion
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