Markets List

Blackpass Market Blackpass Market

The biggest market where users can pick up absolutely any accounts like PayPal, Bank accounts in different countries of the…

Darknet Avengers The Hub Forums

Note: The Hub Forums. Cross-market discussion forums and news center. Exists since Silk Road 1 –  Back after being down for a…

Darknet Avengers Darknet Avengers

A forum dedicated to harm reduction, discussion and testing of drugs ordered on the Dark Net Markets Forum Url: avengersdutyk3xf.onion

Hydra Market Hydra Market

Top russian Darknet market famous among russian speaking users. Marketplace url: hydraruzxpnew4af.onion Notes: Biggest Russian Market

The Grateful Chemicals Tor Market

Marketplace url: tt2mopgckifmberr.onion Notes: Tormarket is a simple darknet market created to make trading less risky than using the large well…

The Grateful Chemicals The Grateful Chemicals

Introduction (in their own words): TGC-RC (The Grateful Chemicals) is one of the most trusted and reliable for research chemicals…