Cryptonia Market

Nightmare Market

Cryptonia is a new and upcoming market that focuses on simplicity and security. It features the most secure 2/3 Bitcoin Multisig implementation, a transparent Wallet-less Escrow System (Direct Deposits), and many more security features such as two-factor authentication, strong anti-phishing measures based on public-key cryptography (OpenPGP), EXIF metadata stripper for images, and more. Read Cryptonia Market Manifesto and Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about Cryptonia and the many innovations that have been build to users safe.

Status: Exit Scammed

Item type Detailed Stats
Name Cryptonia Market
Established Apr 2019
Main URL http://cryptocn6musntq6.onion
Support Multisig Yes
Security Issues Yes
Active Warnings Yes (Exit Scammed)
2 Factor Authentication Yes
Finalize Early Allowed
Commission 3%
Vendor Bond $220
Forced Vendor Pgp Yes
Total Listings 6k (As of Aug 2019)
Business volume (weekly) N/A
Current Status Exit Scammed
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